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Why a Virgin Wife is so IMPORTANT?

A virgin wife is very important, especially in a City with High Divorce Rate. Why?

1)   If a wife's virgin is given to other guys but not her husband, do you think she will treasure you, since
      she don't treasure her own precious 'thing' - virgin?

2)   If a wife's virgin has been given to other guy(s), is she cheaper than a prostitute?
      Note: Prostitute at least has collected money for sex while she has done it for FREE. So who is cheaper?

3)   She might said she has done it for the sake of Love and not for FREE, what does that mean?
      She can have sex with anyone who she loved. That's pretty dangerous! Can you see the danger?

4)   If she has no ability to protect herself from losing her virgin, will she has the ability to protect her family
      OR if she has no self-controlled before marriage, can she have self-controlled after marriage?
      Your common sense can tell you!

5)   Since she can been so 'OPENED to other guys before marriage, can she be so CONSERVATIVE
      after marriage? (Can a tiger turn into a herbivore after being a carnivore for 5 years?)

6)   You can't say you won't mind if a girl who you want to marry is a virgin or not, unless you enjoy
      eating leftover food or human waste (the remaining food that your body DON'T WANT!).

7)   If you marry a non-virgin girl to be your wife and she gave birth to a daughter. You have to worry
      everyday because she will unleash her mother's gene, by having sex during her early school times.
      You will be surprised by your daughter by showing her stomach to you, telling you ...
      Congratulation, you are going to be grandfather soon!

8)   If you marry a girl who has sex with other guy(s), will she transmit HIV or any other sex diseases to you?

9)   A girl who can lose her virgin to other guys, is considered to have betrayed herself, her parents and
      her future husband. Will she betray again after marriage?
      Note: She has the habit of betraying already so Be careful!

10) You might say if you truly love someone, you should not mind whether she is a virgin or not.
      Do you think it is worth to truly love a girl who will never truly love you, since she has betrayed herself,
      her parents and her future husband?

and many more ...

You can Hardly find A Virgin Wife in the City BUT can Easily find in the Village.

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