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Sweet Sweet Sweet Muack : )

"Be like me, Being Envied by my Friends, 
Having Such A Young and Pretty Wife!
Take Action Now and Get Ready for
Yourself to be Envied by Your Friends!"

"Some of my friends said that I am an old cow, 
eating young grass. I told them happily that
NOT all old cows, not even young cows, can be 
like me, able to eat young and pretty grass. Lol."


My Standard Vietnamese Girls ...

These are some of my female friends, except  ... 
the one wearing the red wedding gown. She is my wife : )
Are they Beautiful?
Don't feel despair if you are old and ugly. Most importantly is ...
Are you willing to change, to communicate with them, to change for you? 

Only if Your Answer is Yes! Then Read Further ...
If Your Answer is No! Oops! Thanks for visiting my blog : )


Do You ENVY Me ???

Do you envy me having such a Pretty Young Vietnam Wife?

You can be like me, having a pretty and fun Vietnamese wife. Can you see how happy I am? Do you want to Envy me? OR Do you want to be like me, being Envied? The Choice is Yours!

If you want to be like me, STOP Procrastination! Take Action Now by joining "BE YOUR OWN MATCHMAKER" Course for FREE, to start your journey to be like me, being ENVIED by friends always, and NO longer a Lonely Man forever. Lol! Click Here to view our Happiness!

NOTE: This course enables you to save tons of money and future common problems.

WHY You Shouid Join the Course? Firstly, you can have many choices. Secondly, you can get to know her very well, before dating her. Lastly, you marry her because you really love her, and she really love you.

WHAT Will Your Learn during the Course? During the course, I will impart you exactly how I chased my ideal dream girl who is now my wife.

Act Fast to join my course, before all the good Vietnamese girls are all taken away. Those Vietnamese girls who I know, are very well-behaved, except my wife ... very mischievous which I find her very interesting. LOL!

Once you completed my "BE YOUR OWN MATCHMAKER" Advance Level Course, you can get an Incredible ebook - Pandora's Box (A Man's Guide to the Female Mind) for FREE! It reveals the tactics to communicate well with the 8 types of women in the world. You just need to master the tactics for 2 types of women, and you can communicate very well with Vietnamese Girls. I have been using them. You will realize that it is mainly about the RIGHT tactics to chase a Vietnamese Girl, and not so much about others. Ganbatte!


*** Highlights for February 2017 ***

[Foreign Men are also welcome to Join "BE YOUR OWN MATCHMAKER" Course.

"No matter if you are Bachelors, Divorcees or Widowers, 
                       You can find your Ideal Wife in Vietnam to cure your loneliness."

My 'LOVE IN VIETNAM' Dating & MatchMaking Trip shall be changed to "BE YOUR OWN MATCHMAKER" Course, with immediate effect. Don't despair, it will be even better. Why? Read further to find out more.

Absolutely NO Prostitution and Human Trafficking.
I am a Buddhist. I strongly believe in Karma.
If you have a bad intention, kindly DON'T Join my course!
I hate EVIL people! I want to ensure ... 
A Good Girl is MARRIED to A Good Man!
For Enquiries, you can email to tkieu91@gmail.com or Call me at (+65) 9-108-7-801 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm).



>>> Foreigners are also welcome to Join. Each course can be completed in just 1 day of 8 hours, and will be held in Singapore.

Why go for Matchmaking Tour if You can be Your Own MatchMaker?
Don't you think it is BETTER and SAFER to be Your Own MatchMaker?

You can learn from me for FREE on Every Sat or Sun at 3pm at my Kovan Office, which is very near to Kovan MRT, to Master the Art of using Facebook to search your ideal Vietnamese Girlfriend, and turn them into your wife ethically, in just a few months. By completing all my 3 courses, you will learn more than just finding a wife. Read below to find out more.

NOTE: On Sat or Sun, we will start at 3pm and end at 4pm. 

What will You Learn? 

=> Total Estimated Hours to Complete: 4 hours or less
=> This course is not just theory, you need to bring your laptop as well,
as it is a real hands-on experience course.
- Creating a Facebook Account (Only for those who do not have a Facebook account).
- Know exactly what photos to be uploaded to your facebook account, especially your profile photo.
"The right photos attract. The wrong photos repel."
- Know exactly how to find Vietnam village girls using Facebook?
"They live in a village, not a well. They use Facebook to communicate with their own people only."
- How to make sure the girl who you are interested in, will communicate with you, even if you are a stranger to them?
- How to check the background of the girls?
"It is better to find a girl who has always stay in the village, to be your wife."
- Know exactly what you can say and what you can't say during the conversation.
"Girls are usually very Sensitive. A Small Error to you, can be a BIG Error to her."
- How to chitchat with them, without a need to know Vietnamese language?
"Language is just a tool for communication, not a barrier!"
- How to build trust with them over Facebook?
- How to trigger the girl who you are interested in to have an interest in you?
"Look doesn't matter so much. Your sincerity and love are. Your definition of sincerity and love, might not be the same as hers."
- Know her definition of sincerity and love precisely.
- Know How to Date her out successfully.
"If you use the wrong way to date her, she will forever ignore you."
=> After the BASIC course, you will have a 30 days online support and offline support for FREE. During the 30 days online support, you can PM me through Facebook for any further guidance. Otherwise, you can drop by on every Sat or Sun, 3pm at my office at Kovan.
=> Total Estimated Hours to Complete: 4 hours or less
=> This course is not just theory, you need to bring your laptop as well,
as it is a real hands-on experience course.
- What you should post regularly to keep them notice you?
- How to take a good photograph of yourself to attract them, and not you attracted to them only?
- Know their culture, their thinking and behaviour, for better communication.
"Know her well, you can win her heart 100%"
- Understand just a few colloquial Vietnamese language to make feel you are awesome.
"Speak like them to let them feel so much closer."
- Know what are the songs which most Vietnamese girls like.
"If you can sing just 1 or 2 Vietnamese songs, you can become her idol."
- How to chat with them in a humorous way, even if you are not humorous?
"No-one loves to talk to a stone. Otherwise, she might as well married a stone."
- What are the apps the Vietnamese girls love to use to communicate?
"Be like her first, in order for her to be like you later."
- How to Learn Vietnamese language by yourself?
- What you should and should not do, during your date with her, especially the 1st date?
"First impression is very important, it determines 'life' and 'death'. Lol. Agree?"
- Where should you date her on your 1st date with her?
"There are a few places that will not burn your pocket but will make her fall in love with you."
- What presents do most of the Vietnamese girls love to have?
- Know the right way to give her the present.
- What are the important occasions for Vietnamese girls?
- How to propose her successfully?

=> Total Estimated Hours to Complete: 4 hours or less
=> This course is not just theory, you need to bring your laptop as well,
as it is a real hands-on experience course.
- How to create meme cartoons effortlessly for her to make yourself even more interesting?
- How to communicate with her after the marriage, if you do not want to bring her over to your country?
- Know how you can afford to fly to Vietnam every month to see her, without burning your pocket, if you do not want to bring her over to your country.
- What you need to do if you want to bring her to your country?
- How to interact with her and her friends all at one time through Facebook effortlessly?
"It is important to make sure all her friends, neighbours, relative and family like you, because if both of you are quarreling, their helps are very important."
- In the event of unforeseen circumstances, if you really need to activate her friends, relatives or/and even neighbours, how you should do it?
"If you activate wrongly, it is a disturbance. If you activate correctly, it is a help."
- What you need to do if you want to retire there to live a simple, but yet an awesome life?
- How to make sure she is always faithful to you, even you are not at her side?
- How to know that she begins to be unfaithful? Note: This is unusual if you follow exactly what I have guide you, just in case due to unforeseen circumstances by act of god.
- How to install 'CCTVs' around her secretly to give you an ease of mind, if you have a habit of thinking too much?
"She can't know this. Otherwise, you will be in troubles. Huhuhu."
- The Pandora Box Secrets will be also revealed to you so that you can handle any girls, not just your wife.

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For Merchant, who want to know how to accept Bitcoin as payment for your business, you can call me at (+65) 9-108-7-801 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm) to find out.

For Other Enquiries, you can email to tkieu91@gmail.com or Call me at (+65) 9-108-7-801 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm) also.

Who am I?

Dear readers,
My name is Mr K L Chua. I am 39 years old, an Entrepreneur. I travel to Vietnam a lot and have many great Vietnamese friends there. I even have stayed in the villages to experience the village life, and it's pretty fun! Being a City Guy and have stayed in a village in Vietnam, I have seen a great difference between Village Girls and City Girls.

(You can Click Here to find out why Vietnam Village Girl is so much better than City Girl)

I have seen through many things in life and I know the important of finding a SUITABLE Wife. Finding a SUITABLE Wife can give you A NEW and BETTER Life. However, if you find a WRONG Wife, your Life will be forever like HELL.

Therefore, by joining my "BE YOUR OWN MATCHMAKER" Course to search for your true love, you will be to check her background with a very clear mind, before dating her. You will even have enough time to think thoroughly before getting married. By doing so, then you can have a long-lasting marriage just like our grandparents.

Join my "BE YOUR OWN MATCHMAKER" Course Today, and you can match-make for yourself without a need to go for any matchmaking tour anymore.

For Enquiries, you can email to tkieu91@gmail.com or Call me at (+65) 9-108-7-801 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm).

Thanks and regards,
Mr K L Chua


Why You should Choose Vietnam Village Girl over City Girl?

Vietnam Village Girls is better than City Girls because ...

1) City Girls 'roar' but Vietnam Village Girls 'meow'.  
2) City Girls feel Great after losing virgin before marriage while Vietnam Village Girls feel very shameful.
    >>> Click Here to find out Why a Virgin Wife is so IMPORTANT
3) City Girls think very highly on themselves but Vietnam Village Girls are humble.  
4) City Girls are materialistic but Vietnam Village Girls are not.  
5) City Girls' 'maintenance fee' is extremely high while Vietnam Village Girls'  'maintenance fee' is extremely low.  
6) City Girls turn a Man into Woman after marriage while Vietnam Village Girls turn a Man into a Better Man.  
7) City Girls are 'polluted' and 'corrupted' while Vietnam Village Girls' are pure and innocent.
8) Money and Career are very important to City Girls while Home and Family are very important to Vietnam Village Girls. 

and many more. 

For Enquiries, you can email to tkieu91@gmail.com or Call me at (+65) 9-108-7-801 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm).

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Why a Virgin Wife is so IMPORTANT?

A virgin wife is very important, especially in a City with High Divorce Rate. Why?

1)   If a wife's virgin is given to other guys but not her husband, do you think she will treasure you, since
      she don't treasure her own precious 'thing' - virgin?

2)   If a wife's virgin has been given to other guy(s), is she cheaper than a prostitute?
      Note: Prostitute at least has collected money for sex while she has done it for FREE. So who is cheaper?

3)   She might said she has done it for the sake of Love and not for FREE, what does that mean?
      She can have sex with anyone who she loved. That's pretty dangerous! Can you see the danger?

4)   If she has no ability to protect herself from losing her virgin, will she has the ability to protect her family
      OR if she has no self-controlled before marriage, can she have self-controlled after marriage?
      Your common sense can tell you!

5)   Since she can been so 'OPENED to other guys before marriage, can she be so CONSERVATIVE
      after marriage? (Can a tiger turn into a herbivore after being a carnivore for 5 years?)

6)   You can't say you won't mind if a girl who you want to marry is a virgin or not, unless you enjoy
      eating leftover food or human waste (the remaining food that your body DON'T WANT!).

7)   If you marry a non-virgin girl to be your wife and she gave birth to a daughter. You have to worry
      everyday because she will unleash her mother's gene, by having sex during her early school times.
      You will be surprised by your daughter by showing her stomach to you, telling you ...
      Congratulation, you are going to be grandfather soon!

8)   If you marry a girl who has sex with other guy(s), will she transmit HIV or any other sex diseases to you?

9)   A girl who can lose her virgin to other guys, is considered to have betrayed herself, her parents and
      her future husband. Will she betray again after marriage?
      Note: She has the habit of betraying already so Be careful!

10) You might say if you truly love someone, you should not mind whether she is a virgin or not.
      Do you think it is worth to truly love a girl who will never truly love you, since she has betrayed herself,
      her parents and her future husband?

and many more ...

You can Hardly find A Virgin Wife in the City BUT can Easily find in the Village.

For Enquiries, you can email to tkieu91@gmail.com or Call me at (+65) 9-108-7-801 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm).

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NOTE: All the above are subject to change without prior notice.